Advantages of America’s Boating Club


Advantages of America’s Boating Club

From the Member’s Mouth: The Advantages of America’s Boating Club

            The best way to learn about the benefits of United States Power Squadrons – America’s Boating Club is directly from a member. With the best inside knowledge of the local boating scene, existing members can help you seamlessly integrate into your Squadron’s community when you first join. A member will have the answers to your specific questions, be able to tell you what events are typical in your area and how to sign up and get involved. A long-standing member provided a first-hand account of why she’s so commmitted to America’s Boating Club.

Gini Fiedler is currently the treasurer and newsletter editor for the Kennebec River Sail and Power Squadron in Kennebec, Maine.  She has also served as commander and education officer during the past 27 years she’s been a member of  America’s Boating Club.

            “At Power Squadrons classes, I learned navigation skills back when we only had Loran (signal navigation) on our boat, and plotting and dead-reckoning were essential skills,” said Fiedler.“Because of years of experience and support from my husband, I am completely comfortable piloting my 36-foot power boat alone in foggy Maine waters.”

            Gini also spoke on her Squadron’ commitment to maintaining education and social opportunities throughout the entire year, even during very cold Maine winters.

            “Americas Boating Club membership allows you to enjoy the boating experience beyond the classroom. Our Squadronhas monthly dinner meetings during the winter with informative and entertainingprograms, and we sponsor several educational classes. This lets us all focus onnot just learning but engaging with other members and building a solidconnection with your community,” said Fiedler.

On going throughout the year, and something that America’s Boating Club prides itself on, are the Vessel Safety Checks service provided for free to the community.

“Several members perform safety inspections on other member boats and those of thegeneral public,” said Fiedler. Vessel safety checks are standard practice at manySquadron locations all around the United States.

The Kennebec River Sail and Power Squadron makes sure to take full advantage of thebeautiful Maine summers by offering a variety of dinner events, happy hours,cruises and more.

“Recently, we completed our week-long ‘cruise’ with six boats in the group traveling from Rockland to Casco Bay and back. Every night we had appetizers onboard alternating boats and went out for dinner at several destinations,” she said.

Advantages of America's Boating Club

It’s easy to see the combination of fun and education that the Kennebec River Sail and Power Squadron offers to its members and why Gini has stayed for as long as she has. But this isn’t just a selective case—the standard at each Squadron is an offering of experiences that make you a better boater and provide you with an amazing social circle. At each America’s Boating Club location, you’ll find a dedicated team in leadership positions who strive to make the overallexperience one that continually calls you back.

On the United States Power Squadrons – America’s Boating Club website, they make it easy for you to locate your local squadron using your zip code. Once you see which Squadrons are in your area or region, you’ll be able to access each oftheir individual websites. You can find their newsletters outlining upcoming eventsand contact information for Squadron leaders that will put you one step closerto joining America’s Boating Club.

Reach out and hear it from the members first—after all, they came to America’sBoating Club to become better boaters and stayed for the friends.

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